Our Monte-Carlo calculator MUSE (Measurement Uncertainty Simulation and Evaluation) is now OpenSource. You can freely download it. But please be aware that the is no fancy user interface. Currently it is only ment for specialists in the field of measurement uncertainty evaluation more...


Workshop: Recent developments in measurement uncertainty; Lisbon, 6-7 June 2011 more...


The Eurachem/CITAC guide QUAM 2nd edition is back online.


The search for the website is now back. There might be a number of dead links due to the new structure of the website. It takes some time until google properly index the website.

Evaluate Measurement Uncertainty

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Eurachem/Citac Guidelines

Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement

If you would like to print the guide, "Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement" 2nd edition.

You may download the guidelne as a .pdf-file.

  • Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement 2nd edition (2000) more... (730 kByte)

Traceability in Chemical Measurement

This Guide gives detailed guidance for the establishment of measurement traceability in quantitative chemical analysis, based on the definition in the international vocabulary of basic and general terms in metrology (VIM). Though it is aimed principally at testing and measurement laboratories carrying out chemical measurement, the principles are expected to apply from routine analysis to basic research. The document is also intended to assist laboratories in meeting the requirements on traceability of results given in ISO 17025.

You may download the guideline as a .pdf file:

  • Traceability in Chemical Measurement (2003) more... (2.0 MB).

Use of Uncertainty Information in Compliance Assessment

In order to decide whether a result indicates compliance or non-compliance with a specification, it is necessary to take into account the measurement uncertainty associated with the result. This guide provides guidance on how uncertainty may be taken into account in deciding compliance with a limit. The guide is applicable to decisions on compliance with regulatory or manufacturing limits where a decision is made on the basis of a measurement result accompanied by information on the uncertainty associated with the result. It covers cases where the uncertainty does not depend on the value of the measurand, and cases where the uncertainty is proportional to the value of the measurand. The guide includes a discussion and general recommendations, followed by more detailed instructions on establishing rules for interpretation and by several examples.

You may download the guideline as a .pdf file:

  • Use of Uncertainty Information in Compliance Assessment (2007) more... (1.6 MB)